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Guest Editor Royal Reed Introduces Looking Forward and Rebuilding (Series 4 Ep 1)

Kia ora,

Welcome back to for our focus on Looking Forward and Rebuilding Better.

2020, the start of a new decade, has changed a lot of things; there are so many world-changing, paradigm-shifting events that made us feel like this has been already going on for a century. In March 2020, the unthinkable happened and COVID-19 set us all to experience a country-wide complete lockdown. Many of us have been stressed, scared and exhausted. But throughout the challenges came remarkable learning and exciting changes.

Royal Reed, OBB Team, Introduces Series 4: Looking Forward and Rebuilding Better

Flexible working equipped with modern technologies is a new norm where we see businesses offering staff more freedom to decide how they work and where they work.

Online shopping volume has seen its historical high where a new wave of digital customers have been forced into it during the lockdown and decided to continue shopping online.

Royal Reed, OBB Team, Addressing Key Questions

Consumer expectation is shifting to demand products being delivered with speed and with a strong sense of customer experience orientation.

Many businesses have had to adapt to survive, often shifting their operation model by introducing new initiatives to connect with customers remotely and finding new ways to save costs.

In Cathy Quinn’s video she notes Covid-19 was a really challenging time for everyone. She shares that it certainly was for her, personally and professionally. Every company Cathy was involved with was significantly impacted. For Fertility Associates, with deeply personal communications, they could not even see patients.

Cathy Quinn, OBB Team, Addressing Key Questions

In Episode 2 of this Series 4, we look more closely at the advice from Dr Mary Birdsall, who is Fertility Specialist and Group Medical Director with Fertility Associates. Watching Dr Birdsall we hear her perspective and insights Covid-19 in her first video and how this throws light on choices that women can make in the second video.

Looking back on it now, New Zealanders managed to navigate through all those changes and challenges, with a great level of resilience, kindness and collaboration on display. In reflecting on the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, I cannot ignore the disruption it caused to the New Zealand economy and Kiwi’s lives. What’s the way forward for ourselves and our country?

In this guest series, I invite you to join me with wonderful guests in around 20 videos. Our OBB team members and quest speakers are: Cathy Quinn, Joan Withers, Antonia Watson - CEO, ANZ, Toni Moyes - COO, Montoux, Sophie Moloney - Chief Legal, People & Partnerships Officer, Sky, Helen Chiang - Director, Family Office, Eightfold Financial Services Group, Cissy Gu - Implementation Manager - ASB Bank, Ngapera Riley - CEO, Figure.NZ, Silvana Schenone, Melissa Chan Green - Newshub Reporter, MediaWorks, Royal Reed (myself), Dr Mary Birdsall - Fertility Specialist and Group Medical Director, Fertility Associates, Frances Valintine, Nick Grayston - CEO, The Warehouse Group, Carmen Vicelich - Founder and Global CEO, Valocity, Ally Zhang - CEO, SkyKiwi, Jolie Hodson, Amanda Malu - Chief Executive, Plunket NZ, and Nicole Rosie - Chief Executive, NZTA.

The speakers look back on their experiences during the lockdown and their views on looking forward. We hear these New Zealand leaders candidly answer the questions:

  1. What was your Covid-19 experience like?

  2. What was the biggest challenge you faced during lockdown?

  3. Is there anything you would have done differently?

  4. What are your thoughts on flexible working in this new norm?

  5. What are the things you do to cope and build resilience?

  6. How do you feel about your organisation's role in rebuilding New Zealand's economy?

I do hope you find tips and insights that resonate and help with your reflection and taking action to build back better personally and professionally. Like John Dewey said,

We don’t learn from experience; we learn from reflecting on experience.

Ngā mihi


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