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Preparing for 2020 - Stress Cups (Series 1 Ep 3)

Nau Mai Hoki Mai and welcome back to for the last January edition. We are absolutely underway as a country now and things are picking up pace. February is often such a busy month as we really tackle the projects and jobs left over after the Christmas and New Year period.

That is why I am pleased to hand over to Joan Withers who is our February editor and she will be guiding us through the topic of “tenacity and resilience” which I think is very timely!

I loved the Prime Minister’s reference to stress cups at the Bold Steps Conference in December. She spoke about how each person has a stress cup and that it is an individual thing. It is all relative.

Nobody can judge another person’s stress cup or how full it is than ourselves. We all need to look after our own and be conscious of other’s. Whatever your role, your age, or your industry managing our stress cup is so important to ensuring we can cope with what life throws at you.

I am going to wrap up the month with four more videos from the OBB team including Jolie Hodson, Cathy Quinn, Silvana Schenone, Royal Reed, and Dame Paula Rebstock. It has been a pleasure being the OBB editor for January. Thanks for being here with us and being part of the On Being Bold movement. The more of us involved the better outcomes we can create. Take care. Enjoy and talk soon.

Nga Mihi.


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