Brooke Roberts

Brooke Roberts

Co-founder & Chief Executive of investment platform Sharesies

Brooke Roberts is a co-founder and chief executive of investment platform Sharesies. Her role is to connect with business leaders and potential customers. Prior to that she was senior global product marketing manager for Xero’s Ecosystem. 

She also spent four years with Kiwibank, working her way up from strategic relationships & channels analyst to leading the International Product team, helping customers to move money around the world and managing their risks when trading in foreign currencies.

As a marketing executive at trademark and patent attorneys, AJ Park, Brooke’s role was both strategic and tactical. As the “guardian of the brand”, she was responsible for developing and delivering strategic marketing direction. 

Brooke was a marketing assistant for not-for-profit organisation GS1 New Zealand, which provides global standards for efficient business communication. The role gave her broad experience in planning, developing and executing a marketing strategy and communications plan, as well as designing a website.

Before that she spent a year mentoring and assisting marketing students at Victoria University while they studied for their marketing major. That job required her to come up with creative ways to help the students understand and apply marketing theory, as well as conduct weekly assessments and marking student assignments. Her first jobs were in the fashion field.