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Bold Steps 2019 Conference
On Being Bold

Bold Steps 2019 Conference

Conference highlights

If you came to the Bold Steps conference in December on Leading with Purpose then thanks for your time and your company. The OBB team had a blast and the speakers were all individually and collectively brilliant and challenged us all to think differently.  


I spoke to one woman who told me as result of listening to Prof. Will Steffan that she was going to buy an electric car that very weekend!  So, we definitely had an impact. The Deadly Ponies handbags were without question a big hit also. In fact, I felt a little distracted as MC when there was stampede for the stage to put business cards in the bowl for the draws!  


And what better way to end a conference on purpose than to have a close chat with the Prime Minister.  She was very inspiring and very real. It was lovely just to be able to talk and ask questions in a reasonably relaxed way with no prepared speeches. We all felt she was very generous to participate like that and I think we are all a bit star struck as a result!  


So a big thanks to everyone involved and if you weren’t there or you want to relive the day I have included a highlights reel and a few pics with my first editor’s piece.  As an aside we are currently planning the 2020 conference and will be back in touch with details shortly.

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