On Being Bold Team

Meet the OBB team

Nine woman, offering honesty, collegiality, belief, courage and community.

On Being Bold is an online collective developed by women for women. Created to capture and share the personal lives and career journeys of prominent New Zealand business leaders, it sets out to highlight the squiggly line connecting home life and careers is anything but straight-forward.


The founders of On Being Bold, Dame Therese Walsh, Joan Withers, Cathy Quinn, Dame Paula Rebstock, Alison Gerry, Jolie Hodson, Silvana Schenone, Royal Reed and Frances Valintine cross multiple business disciplines and fields of expertise. All have governance experience, with many contributing to some of New Zealand's most prominent organisations.


All nine women believe that there is much to be learned from those who have battled a variety of challenges on their way to the top. This website is dedicated to women at all stages of their lives and careers. We hope it becomes a community where you will find inspiration, knowledge and a few life learnings.

Joan Withers

Chair, The Warehouse

Frances Valintine

Founder, Tech Futures Lab

Cathy Quinn

Non-Executive Director

Dame Paula Rebstock

Professional Director, ACC

Silvana Schenone

Partner, MinterEllisonRuddWatts

Alison Gerry

Director, Infratil

Dame Therese Walsh

Chairman, TVNZ

Royal Reed

Partner, Meredith Connell

Jolie Hodson

CEO, Spark