Royal Reed

Partner Meredith Connell

Royal Reed is a Partner at Meredith Connell, Founder of Prestige Law and a Board member NZ Esports. She is an entrepreneur, public speaker, and a social media influencer and On Being Bold founder.

Royal completed legal studies in New Zealand, international policy studies in China, and negotiation skills and professional service firm management in America. She also qualified as a mediator via LEADR NZ, Arbitrator in Republic of China, legal interpreter, and a Certified Agile Coach. 

Royal has developed an insight that is relevant to many businesses in their gaining and planning with the business needs of engaging with Asia. 

She has been the source of Asian market insight for many organisations such as Kea New Zealand - where she serves on the Global Board. She also advises Luxury Network, Auckland Art Gallery, Land Information New Zealand, and many other private companies both locally and internationally.

She is a well known face and name for most Chinese migrants in New Zealand through her public speaking and media influencer career. Her vlogs, social media platforms, and livestream appearances have enjoyed high volume of loyal fans.

While it is still a sad truth that in New Zealand our ethnicity and gender continue to make us vulnerable on the regular basis, Royal continues to strive and seeks to lead the fight with all those who identify with this need to make more baby steps for our next generations. Royal represents the younger ethnic women, whose voice will not be ignored forever.