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Tenacity & Resilience - Taking Control (Series 2 Ep 4)

This is the final week of my editorship of our website content. It has been interesting to see the year unfold so quickly with no shortage of challenges as we head towards the election in September. My final piece of advice under the tenacity and resilience heading is about making an ongoing commitment to take control of your own training and development.

If you do that, your career path will be enhanced as you will be differentiating yourself from many of your peers.

My observation after many years in corporate life is that only a small percentage of people make a further investment in education beyond their initial tertiary commitment. Having better qualifications and the wider network that work related learning provides can certainly assist with being resilient.

From a personal perspective, doing an MBA at the University of Auckland when I was 36 was the best career move I have ever made.

It was certainly tough balancing a full time job, a marriage and responsibilities to my 15 year old son with the commitment to university lectures, reading, assignments, study group meetings and in my case additional tuition in maths as I had dropped that subject in the 4th form.

That 2 year period completing the degree reinforced to me the importance of discipline in managing a large workload but also the absolute joy of sticking at it and coming out at the other end with a qualification and practical skills and abilities that endure for an entire career.

Watch well known executive search expert Carrie Hobson of Hobson Leavy providing her advice on the topic of self development on our video.

I am delighted to be handing over the guest editor role to my OnBeingBold colleague Jolie Hodson, Chief Executive Spark. Jolie will be covering Digital Transformation, Leading through Change, Leadership Style and Leadership Challenges. Make sure you don’t miss these incredibly valuable insights from one of NZ’s foremost leaders.

Joan Withers

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