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Thursday 28 November, 2024
Spark Arena, Auckland



Dr Denise Quinlan & Dr Lucy Hone's presentation from Bold Steps 2023...

Putting your psychological house in order.

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Global leadership powerhouses


Bold Steps welcomes global leaders Ofra Strauss and Seema Hingorani to our 2023 conference. We are thrilled to complete our line-up of speakers with these two powerhouses. Both will deliver a speech reflecting on their leadership journeys and then join Indra Nooyi for a global leaders' panel. 

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Ofra Strauss is an Israeli-German business magnate and Chair of the Strauss Group. Ms Strauss has had a number of leadership roles in the Strauss Group and was appointed as Chair in 2001.

Seema Hingorani is a powerhouse in the investing sphere who is revolutionising the industry by creating opportunities and increasing representation and diversity. She is the Founder and Chair of Girls Who Invest and Managing Director at Morgan Stanley Investment Management.

Read Ofra's bio here          Read Seema's bio here

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Living in a era of humiliation, deep fakes and uncertainty


The team at Bold Steps is delighted to announce Frances Valintine as a speaker at Bold Steps 2023.

Frances will explore living in an era of humiliation, deep fakes and uncertainty. What we know, or don’t know, has never been more confronting. We have started our journey into the future shaped by artificial superintelligence that could create the ultimate human rejection. How do we plan and respond to a world we don’t yet understand?

Frances is a passionate educator and technologist who is focused on developing education opportunities that connect professionals to the knowledge they need to be successful in today’s rapidly advancing world.

In 2013 she founded The Mind Lab, a unique offering designed to empower students and educators to develop applied digital knowledge and capability. In her day-to-day role, she is the Chief Executive of academyEX, a post-graduate institute focused on professional development and knowledge in the fields of technological advancement, education, sustainability and leadership. She is also plays a key part of the On Being Bold team.

Read Frances's bio here...  

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Exploring career challenges and how to build care-based organisations


The team at Bold Steps is delighted to announce that Pip Greenwood, Justine Smyth, Arihia Bennett and Jason Paris will present as a panel at the 2023 conference.  

The panel will discuss career challenges they have encountered during their journey to become CEO’s and Chairs of some of New Zealand’s leading organisations, alongside the importance of building care-based organisations. Come and listen to this impressive group of leaders and how they have worked through hurdles and change and their focus for the future.

Read their bios here...  
Pip Greenwood     Justine Smyth     Arihia Bennett     Jason Paris

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Caring for our environment through beauty


Bold Steps is delighted to announce that Emma Lewisham is a guest speaker at Bold Steps 2023.

Emma will talk about her journey to creating her renowned eponymous beauty brand that delivers the world's most intelligent skincare through high-performing, natural formulations that are certified carbon positive and refillable.

After completing a BCom (Hons) at Otago University, Emma worked as a senior executive for a global multinational technology brand prior to launching Emma Lewisham skincare in 2019. The Emma Lewisham brand has quickly become recognised as a world-leading luxury brand with a cult following and a true pioneer in the sustainability space. In 2021, Emma Lewisham was awarded the Best Emerging Business Award at Westpac Auckland Business Awards.

Read Emma’s full bio here...

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Building a caring organisation


The team at Bold Steps is delighted to announce our next leadership panel for the 2023 conference – Judge Frances Eivers, Children’s Commissioner, Karen Billings-Jensen, CEO Age Concern NZ, Megan Main, CEO ACC and Jazz Thornton, Co-Founder Voices of Hope.

As business leaders we have a duty to those we work with. Come and listen to a panel of NZ leaders in the care sector discuss how we can care for our colleagues, communities and whanau and the key issues we should have top of mind when building a caring organisation.

Read their bios here...  
Judge Frances Eivers   Karen Billings-Jensen    Megan Main 
  Jazz Thornton

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Hope for the future: Being the leader you need.


The team at Bold Steps is delighted to announce that Dr Lucy Hone will present again at the 2023 conference, alongside her long-time collaborator, Dr Denise Quinlan, who she describes as ‘the better half of me’.

Together they will help you discover the essential skills to better navigate this era of uncertainty and change. First, resilience tools to put your own (psychological) house in order – and keep it there. Next, they’ll coach us in their tried and tested methods to embrace and influence change, rather than fearing, or hiding, from it. By showing you a way to articulate your positive vision for the future - for home, work, or community – this session will leave you feeling more hopeful and better prepared for persistent, determined action. The stakes have never been higher: building a Caring Economy to sustain our grandchildren’s grandchildren will require the best of all our talents. Lucy and Denise will demonstrate how to instigate the inclusive redesign of home, work and the communities we care about so deeply.   

Read Lucy and Denise’s full bios here...

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Bold Steps welcomes global leader Indra Nooyi to the 2023 conference


The team at Bold Steps is delighted to announce that Indra K. Nooyi will be a keynote speaker at the 2023 Bold Steps conference.

Indra served as the CEO and Chairman of PepsiCo from 2006 to 2019 and is a hugely admired global leader and a sought-after advisor. She is also revered as a role model for women and immigrants, and celebrated for her empowering messages on inclusivity. She also has a number of governance roles including being a member of the Board of Directors of Amazon and Philips.
Read Indra’s full bio here...

Highlights from Bold Steps 2022...
Bold Steps 2022 conference

Bold Steps 2022 conference

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