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Dreaming Big 2022
at Fonterra HQ

Wednesday 12 October 2022

This year Dreaming Big was held at the Fonterra head office in Auckland. Dreaming Big is an event designed to inspire and encourage year 13 female students with potential to be brave and bold in seeking, taking opportunities and dealing with challenges. Schools were invited to select two students to attend at no cost to either the school or the student. Participating schools were from across broader Auckland and this year there was also participation from schools outside Auckland including schools in Central Hawkes Bay, Gisborne and Wellington. The day provided year 13 girls a chance to connect with our inspirational line-up of speakers. The speakers gave many valuable insights and tips to help the girls set their goals and dream big.

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The highlights of the day...

A talk from two senior business women

A panel discussion with senior successful women leaders:  Sophie Moloney, CEO of Sky TV and Margie Apa, Chief Executive of Te Whatu Ora - Health New Zealand, with Joan Withers. 

A discussion with Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern

Facilitated by Frances Valintine.

A session on entrepreneurship

Kendall Flutey, Co-CEO from Banqer talked with Frances Valintine and shared her journey on entrepreneurship and finding your “Why”?

The world of sport

A discussion with Andrea Nelson, ICC Women's Cricket World Cup NZ, and Michelle Hooper, Tournament Director, Rugby World Cup 2021, facilitated by Silvana Schenone.


Getting an interview/presenting your best self

Silvana Schenone and Kate Daly, Managing Director, People & Culture at Fonterra led a discussion on tips for getting an interview, how best to present yourself and addressing the “imposter syndrome”.

Stories from the front line

A panel discussion with senior women in the judiciary, government and business: Judge Ida Malosi, Sharon Shea, Shea Pita & Assoc, Karen Blakey, Chair PwC and Sarah Kearney, Chief Digital Officer, The Warehouse Group shared some of their stories, facilitated by Royal Reed and Dame Paula Rebstock.


The online world – social media and developing your personal brand

Britta Sisam-Jones and Bex Taylor, The Mind Lab.

OnBeingBold Team

The day finished with students asking the OnBeingBold women any question they would like.

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