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Biggest Leadership Challenge (Series 3 Ep 4)

Kia ora,

Kia ora and welcome to the last episode of our spotlight on leading through change. We’ve all faced moments in our career that have challenged our leadership capability and this week we are focusing on sharing those experiences, how we responded and what we’ve learnt.

Leadership challenges can impact our team, our business, our country or the community we operate in. This is the time when leaders step towards the challenge, to provide clarity, a calm voice and a clear head to help guide people through the ambiguity, fear or concern that may exist.

It requires authentic and transparent conversations about what you know and great active listening skills to help build the plan before you act. Don’t mistake that for needing to have all the answers, you don’t, but you do need to be able to guide on what happens next.

It’s also about your resilience and the people you have around you to support you through these tough times. We all need our support networks.

I know when I’m in that situation I will have one or two trusted confidants I can test things with and a team around me that works together to navigate our way through the issue.

As a country, sadly, we have suffered more than our fair share of natural disasters. This week you’ll hear Peter Reidy share the leadership challenge he faced during the Kaikōura earthquakes as CEO of KiwiRail and how he stepped forward to face that challenge. Joan Withers and Dame Therese will also share their insights from leading major business transactions and an international sporting event.

Leadership challenges come in all shapes and sizes and we develop our skills to lead people over a lifetime. Heather Polglase shares a leadership challenge she faced early in her career as she transitioned crafts and what that taught her about herself, leading others and the questions she needed to ask.

Finally you’ll also hear from a number of the OBB team including Frances Valintine, Silvana Schenone and Royal Reed. Thanks for tuning in and being part of the On Being Bold movement. What will you be focusing on to add to your leadership toolkit?

Ngā mihi


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