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Three Key Leadership Ingredients (Series 3 Ep 2)

Kia ora,

Nau Mai Hoki Mai and welcome back to for our focus on leading through change.

This time we will be exploring the three key ingredients that we believe all leaders need to lead their people through change. We are living in a time when the only certainty is change. In that uncertain environment people look to their leaders to help them make sense of the “why” in the change, and to inspire and support them to build the skills and the will to thrive in this new environment.

Jolie Hodson, OBB Team Member

Our own Prime Minister has demonstrated this well as she has led the country through incredibly difficult times – from the tragedies in Christchurch and Whakaari / White Island, and most recently through Covid-19. We can all learn from how she has carried herself through these events taking a very authentic and caring approach.

Jolie Hodson, OBB Team Member

When I think about the three key ingredients, these three stand out for me:

  1. Clarity of ambition, purpose and inspiring with the “why” we need to do this

  2. Resilience, resilience, resilience – change is hard

  3. Listening to those around you to gain perspective and bring others with you

You’ll hear from my colleagues on the OBB team including Alison Gerry, Frances Valintine, Joan Withers, Dame Therese Walsh, Silvana Schenone and Royal Reed on this topic, and we will also be joined by business leaders including Peter Reidy of Fletcher Construction and Heather Polglase of Spark to share their views.

What do you think are the key ingredients to leading through change? When you think about your own skills, what’s one of those areas you might focus on over the coming months to enhance your own experience and the experiences of your people? Enjoy the videos and I look forward to hearing about your focus areas.

Ngā mihi


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